Screen Time Used To Be A Four Letter Word

The Writing Process

The writing process has been good for me to flesh out my thoughts on teaching and learning and education during the pandemic. I don’t fashion myself a writer so at first I published articles with some trepidation. That fear has subsided, not completely, but I have really enjoyed this challenge. So much so, that it may be me who pitches the idea for the next 30 days. However, it takes time, sometimes a lot of time. It is possible for me to spend an hour or two each day writing, editing, and rewriting to share something coherent. What struck me yesterday was the increased screen time inherent in this challenge.

Blended Learning Spaces

If you follow my work at Organized Binder or have been keeping up with my articles, you know well that I believe strongly in analog educational tools to blend digital learning environments. If you know me personally, you know I am not much for screens or social media. My kids attend a Waldorf school which nearly void of technology, our TV is so old we literally have to warm it up like a tube TV, and given a choice I would much rather be outdoors with my family in my garden or running on a trail somewhere.

Screen Time Disappeared

Do you remember before the pandemic when “screen time” used to be considered a four letter word? Concerned parents were encouraged to monitor the amount time their children spent on devices, teachers would do the same, even adults heeded the alerts from their smartphone telling them how much time they spent on screen in the past 7 days. Then, in what now seems like an instant, one day in March of 2020, the phrase “screen time” seemed to disappear from our global lexicon as we rushed to distance learning in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Screen Time Skyrocketed

Screen Time In The Fall?

What I am most curious about is whether or not monitoring screen time will once again become a thing in post-pandemic learning. I do not have the answer so I am writing to get your opinion. What do you think? How will screen time factor in to education as we head back to school in the fall?



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